Finance Options are available. Appliance Magic knows how important it is for you to have good working appliances in your home. We want to make it easy for you to have the appliances you need when you need them. Take home the appliance(s) you need today for only $49 down. With three different companies to work with we are confident we can get you approved today.

Crest Financial is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing “No Credit Needed” leasing companies. $49 down payment and take home your appliance(s) today! 90 Days same as cash. Instant approvals. This is our most popular option.

1. Checking or Savings Account
2. $1000 verifiable income per month
3. SSN or ITIN

Tempoe is a leading provider of No Credit Required Leasing with several payment options. Instant decisions. Early purchase options. No application fee. Low down payment so you can take home your appliance(s) today. Delivery charges and other accessories can be included in the lease amount.

By using Tempoe Appliance Magic has agreed to extend their warranty to 5 months instead of the 3 month standard period.

Community Finance offers the lowest payment plans of our 3 options. Extend your payments out for up to 2 years. No charge for early payoff. Community Finance also has a skip-a-payment clause that costs you absolutely nothing if you need to miss a payment for any reason. They also allow you to include accessories on your lease with just 1 low monthly payment.